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The DMP Group is an Organization Development Consulting firm, focusing on executive, leadership, and career coaching, leadership development facilitation and instruction as well as a vast array of Organization Development challenges.


The DMP Group is founded in the belief that every individual has the ability to reach their full potential. The opportunities open to each of us are endless.  However, we are often held back by the obstacles we see in the way of our progress.  Obstacles are roadblocks created by our lack of ability to see the possibilities.  Building awareness of the possibilities, realizing our strengths, abilities, resources, and challenges all light the way to new opportunities and new paths to explore and experience.


In addition to individual development, The DMP Group can also provide organizational development, grounded in the fact that organizations can reach their full potential by capitalizing on their greatest assets - their employees - as well as streamlining their processes, improving their communications and developing their emotional intelligence.  In today's competitive landscape, your organization needs an edge to differentiate itself from the competition.  The DMP Group can help provide that edge.


The DMP Group is committed to guiding our clients through exploring new possibilities and reaching desired goals. We do so through our Dynamic, Mindful, and Purposeful coaches and consultants.  We would be delighted with the chance to earn your trust and work with you to "light the way to new opportunities". 

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