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Donna coached me for six months from March to September 2012. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Donna, as she provided key support in talking through a number of challenging communication situations and helping me devise strategies for their proactive resolution. When we started the coaching, I was transitioning from thinking more of myself as an Executive Producer to the CEO of my company, and I had some internal doubts about whether I was the right person for that job. Through the regular coaching calls, I was able to implement conflict avoidance resolution strategies that helped me at the time and will help me in the future... The support helped reduce my stress a lot, learn from challenging situations, and develop better practices. I am a more effective leader because of it.

Dave Room
CEO, BALANCE Edutainment

"Donna is very people-oriented, focused, and supportive. She challenged me to identify and tackle my weaknesses to further develop my skills as a manager and provided insight that helped me resolve some of my day-to-day issues. She is extremely resourceful, encouraging, and keeps you on track towards achieving your goals. While working with Donna, I was selected for a permanent Senior Manager position. I would highly recommend her for anyone in the market for a Leadership Coach, she is excellent!”

Dawn Kossegi
Acting Chief, Paper Processing Branch

"I became a participant in the Leadership Coaching Program in the IRS Leadership Development process, entering it with slight skepticism, but also knowing I had been out of the job search market for long enough that I needed a tune up as far as all that goes. The prospect of getting this assistance from an external source - especially upon reading Donna Pearring's accomplishments in the coaching and consulting world -intrigued me even more. Beginning with my first session with Donna, I felt as if this would be a great experience and I wasn't disappointed. I was given a plan of action to complete readings and update my lists of accomplishments as well as listing contributions I have made to the organization. From there, I updated my (very outdated) resume, and Donna coached me on making significant improvements to that, all the way down to formatting and visual appeal of the document.

Donna knew what I needed based on a questionnaire I completed beforehand and from her asking about me and listening. She was very helpful, both in boosting my confidence and giving me great advice toward bettering my chances for advancement in leadership in IRS. I will always remember Donna's encouragement for me to realize my contributions and the value I bring to this organization. She also exhorted me that, "it is very important to declare your intent and availability, especially given the accomplishments you bring to the table." All of the coaching sessions with Donna, in my mind proved to be very rewarding and without a doubt, what I need in my career pursuits."

Steve S.
Regional Territory Manager. IRS

"As an aspiring senior leader, while also working on a challenging assignment, Donna's insight and guidance on how to address and resolve any barriers was extremely helpful. I learned a new approach to effective communication which renewed my confidence, allowing me to get the job done with a better understanding of expected outcomes.  My interactions with colleagues were spot on! Thanks to Donna, I recently received recognition for my efforts on that assignment. I hope I get to work with her in the future!"

Sheila Day
Senior Operations Advisor, IRS

"Donna is awesome!  My coaching experience with her was extremely impressive. I valued the opportunity so much I shared my experience with my management team.  Her coaching skills are exceptional!  The sessions improved my self-awareness and were beneficial in my business and personal interactions.  As a result of my sessions with Donna, value was added to my management team and they, in turn, will use the same techniques to add value to their teams."

Connie Walker
Regional Territory Manager, IRS

“Donna worked with me on how I could become more productive employee, mentor to my staff and how to grow professionally and personally. I learned a great deal from her and still use techniques that she coached me on. I highly recommend Donna’s abilities as a coach and if/when I have an opportunity to work with an executive coach again, I will call her first!”

Rob Russell
Talent Acquisition Leader

“The coaching sessions with Donna went by quickly. During those sessions, I had a sounding board, was able to bounce problems and ideas off her and felt very comfortable doing so. I felt our time together was very worthwhile. I feel I have grown both professionally and personally, and that my skill set has improved. I received very high ratings on my evaluations and I strongly feel that Donna played an integral part in this achievement.”

Captain Karen Herchenroder
Police Department

“My experiences working with Ms. Pearring have refined my perspective and increased my capacity as a leader and as an individual.”

Major Mary Gavin
Police Department

“Donna! Donna was a fantastic coach to me and a source of incredible support throughout a trying time in my career. She helped me look inside myself and find the issues that were truly bothering me and, together, we came up with positive ways that I could improve my work situation….I became a stronger employee, understood my value to the team and the office as a whole, my skill set, and how to better approach my boss and his management style.

Michelle Burnett
Environmental Specialist

“Donna’s enthusiasm and confidence is infectious. As coach, strategist and financial advisor she has helped me prioritize, re-group, and streamline my entrepreneurial goals into a manageable plan. She is perceptive, diplomatic, sagacious, and honest and has tremendous acumen on time management. Donna ably coached me to be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and make the most of my job search. Her client’s confidence and success is her greatest joy.”

Barbara Loza
Event Planner

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